Let’s Fall in Love – Palermo Pride 2013

Lo spot produced by Evelina Manna's Moodyproduction showed at Palermo Pride 2013 in Palermo. Directed by Pappi Corsicato.

Vino Dentro

Evelina Manna's Moodyproduction in association with Alba Productions presents the first Italian film entirely dedicated to the world of wine Vino Dentro. Inspired by the Fabio Marcotto novel "Vinodentro", the film is directed by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani (Mare Largo, Ilaria Alpi - The cruelest of days) screenplay by Heidrun Schleef (I prefer the sound of the Sea, The Son's Room, Remember Me) Photographic Design Dante Spinotti (nominated for two Oscars for LA Confidential and The Insider). The cast: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Vincenzo Amato, Pietro Sermonti, Lambert Wilson, Daniela Virgilio, Erika Blanc e Gioele Dix. A dark comedy filmed in Trentino and funded by the Trentino Film Commission. Original music score by Paolo Fresu.

Evelina Manna supports Smile Again

Smileagain helps female victims of acid and kerosene oil burns in Pakistan by providing them essential first-aid treatment, appropiate medical attention and reconstructive surgery, psycological/psychiatric support,shelter and vocational training. To create social awareness and sensitivity, working towards of this heinous crime.    

Brave Models

Brave Models,  Evelina Manna's agency from June 2012  joined the prestigious international agency D'Management Group

Evelina Manna cover Playboy Spain

Playboy Spain dedicates the cover to Evelina Manna in the autumn 2011 issue, following the great success of the special edition of Playboy America.

Evelina Manna for Playboy US

Evelina Manna for Playboy US - October 2011 (more...)

A Day & a Minute

"A Day & a Minute" shortlisted at Taormina Film Fest 2011
Producer: Evelina Manna
Main theme: Immigration

Evelina Manna GQ UK

Supermodel comeback for Evelina Manna, on set with photographer Simon Emmett for the British edition of glam magazine GQ. Watch here the exclusive footage of her photoshoot backstage, in GQ May special issue featuring HRH Prince Henry back from a trip to North Pole on its cover. The eight page interview unfolds in a Fellinian Dolce Vita atmosphere in Rome’s Piazza di Spagna and ends with an exceptional commentary by writer and journalist Roberto Saviano. Talking about her interview, Evelina Manna proudly says that «it also stretches to politics, as I defend Italy’s reputation against gossip». In the meantime her focus on social commitment remains: after the ones against violence and immigration, she’s now working on a new ad on prisons. «Next I’ll throw myself into Cinema, my biggest passion».